My blog is one way I cover the topic of Japanese cuisine, but this course is really meant to go in depth.

I'll walk you through various dishes and show you how simple it is to make delicious authentic Japanese food at home!

A broad range of dishes will be covered, from washoku (traditional Japanese food), to Japanese style Western food (youshoku), and everything in between.

My goal for this course is to inspire, educate, and help you explore and recreate Japanese dishes at home or for your next potluck! 

Within each lesson, I will introduce basic Japanese cooking techniques and concepts, teach some of the cultural and historical aspects of Japanese food, and overall try to help improve your skills in the kitchen!

Each lesson is self-paced and includes:

  • an in depth HD video demonstrating the recipe or technique
  • a downloadable PDF for each recipe
  • downloadable audio 

In addition, the class includes

  • one new lesson, every two weeks
  • a discussion forum both within the course and via a private Facebook group. The intent here is to discuss thoughts, concerns, share recreations, tips etc.
  • live broadcasts where we can cook together, these will be announced at a later date!
  • virtual support via email and chat for questions, comments, feedback etc

Enrollment will be limited to the first week of December (1-7) and subsequently every Quarter throughout the rest of 2018.

Here is the planned curriculum:

  1. Introduction and your shopping list - 
    1. Essential Condiments for Japanese Cooking
      • Soy sauce
      • Mirin
      • Sake
      • Dashi
      • Rice vinegar
      • Miso
    2. Other Essential ingredients
    3. Essential tools/appliances
  2. Module 1: Dashi 
    1. Ichiban dashi
      • Mentsuyu
      • Osumashi, suimono
    2. Niban dashi
      • Basic Misoshiru
        • Variations
      • Nimono
    3. Other types of dashi
      • Shiitake dashi
      • Niboshi dashi
      • Konbu dashi
  3. Module 2: Noodles
    1. Soup bases
      • Basic mentsuyu
    2. Noodle soups and sauces
      • Soba
      • Udon
      • Somen
    3. Noodle soups and noodle stir frys
      • Ramen
      • Somen
      • Udon 
      • Soba
      • Yakisoba
      • Yakiudon
  4. Module 3-Rice
    1. White rice
    2. Sushi rice
    3. Other types of rice
    4. Preparations of rice
      • Mazegohan (Mixed rice)
      • Takikomi gohan
      • Cha-han (fried rice)
  5. Module 4-Meat
    1. Chicken
      • Soup curry
      • Omurice
      • Chicken katsu
      • Chicken teriyaki
    • Pork
      • Kakuni
      • Rolled cabbage
    • Beef
      • Hayashi rice
      • Sukiyaki
  • Module 5-Seafood
    1. Fish
      • Nimono 
      • Yakizakana
      • Misozuke
      • Kasuzuke
      • Saikyoyaki
  • Module 6-Cooked Vegetables and Sides
    1. Tofu
      • Cold tofu
        • Hiyakko
      • Hot tofu
        • Agedashi tofu
      • Mabo tofu
    2. Ohitashi/Nibitashi
    3. Aemono
    4. Salads
      • Macaroni salad
      • Potato salad
      • Japanese style dressings
        • Ginger
        • Miso
        • Sesame
  • Module 7 - Pickling Vegetables
    1. Sunomono
    2. Tsukemono
  • Module 8 - Desserts tbd

Read here for some frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at !

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Note - My initial launch for the intro and first lesson is on schedule for December 1, 2017!!

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