All Day I Eat: Japanese Cooking Online Course

If you have been following my website for a bit, you might have noticed I cook Japanese food.
That's one of my specialties and I wanted to share that knowledge with you.
As long as you have the right ingredients, you can get started right away making authentic and delicious Japanese food today.

Here is a course outline for Module 1. If the first module goes well, I will subsequently add on additional modules with different topics, recipes, tips and techniques.

Each lesson will include video, audio and PDF as part of the lessons that you can view at your own pace.
  1. Introduction
    1. Essential Condiments for Japanese Cooking
      1. Soy sauce
      2. Rice vinegar
      3. Mirin
      4. Sake
      5. Dashi
    2. Essential ingredients
    3. Essential tools/appliances
  2. How to make dashi broth with video demonstration
    1. Ichiban dashi
    2. Niban dashi
    3. Other types of dashi
  3. Dishes that call for dashi with video demonstrations
    1. Making mentsuyu and recipes with noodles
      1. Soba
      2. Udon
      3. Somen
      4. Ramen
    2. Rice
      1. Takikomi gohan
      2. Cha-han
    3. Fish and meat
    4. Vegetables/sides
      1. Blanched vegetables
      2. Stir-frys

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